What is Aplome? It is a company, of course. A company that builds and designs software and solutions. A ‘software house’ if you will. One among the many that have sprung up all over the world in these last few years.

A little over a year ago, I was asking myself the aforementioned question while nervously waiting for an interview. The interview was for a summer internship and was with none other than the founder, Hammad Mujtaba. Sometime later, while telling my ecstatic parents that I will be working over the summer instead of sleeping and playing Dota 2 all day, my question was still unanswered.

So, what really, is Aplome?

It turned out I was asking the wrong question all along. It was never a question of what. It was a question of who. I had envisioned an environment where grim looking men and women would be sitting hunched in their cubicles, leaving only when it was time to go home. Where my queries and confusions would be met with hostile stares and gruff responses. How wrong I was. Over the summer, I interacted with exceptional individuals, learnt valuable life lessons, enjoyed watching some impromptu cricket right in the office premises, experienced having lunch at a workplace, attended the annual Ramadan aftari dinner, and spent some of the best time I have ever had; and all the while working with people with vast amounts of talent, compassion and sincerity to their work.

How is the story of an intern who is writing for the company that employs him, important? The truth is admittedly powerful. A story, even if it is based on the truth, is a story after all. A story that may be the story of countless employees around the world who expected one thing and experienced another. A story based all on the word ‘I’.

The reason is simple. The intern who naively thought that having a job is all about work, does not think that anymore.

The ‘I’ has since then, turned into a ‘we’.

We are Aplome.

We are family. We are wizards who will take your dream and turn it into a reality, architects who will do their utmost to satisfy your desktop and mobile application development needs; and designers who will spend sleepless nights trying to paint the perfect canvas in their minds, translating rough ideas into breathtaking visuals that you will admire. We are the people to turn to if your startup needs help and you need a business management solution. Our upcoming product Jumppl was conceived with the idea of revolutionizing team communication and management, and has been developed with commitment and resolve. Jumppl may be one of our own, but the same work ethic applies everywhere within Aplome and will be extended to wherever our services are required.

Choosing us as your technological partners will give you more than just a business affiliation. The passion for work, desire to reach perfection and respect for others matters just as much as experience and an impressive skill set. With Aplome, you get both.

We invite you to put your faith in us.